About us - how Longier started
In 2011 some large format printing experienced and enthusiastic people met and discussed current and future markets and technologies. At the end of this philosophized discussion a complete concept for modular, universal flat bed and roll to roll printer family has been created. However, when we tried to go further and start a company here in Europe or even in the US, we quickly learned that there were many, to many bureaucratic hurdles and even from financial point of view Europe is no so easy. This is why finally we established the company, we called LONGIER for some good reasons, in one of the technology high-rises in China managed by Dr. Dan Wu, who is US citizen. Today,  we are one of the few suppliers in this market, offering a complete range of printers for UV applications, as well as for ceramic, metal and glass printing as well as systems to print textiles either roll to roll or flat bed. We cooperate with many well known international partners for different types of inks and have very special cooperation with print head manufacturers, so we are able to meet nearly all requirements addresses by our customers. If you look for a very special solution, special size, special inks you do not find on our web site, please ask, since not all solutions we designed are displayed.
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