Application: UV
In  principle it‘s possible to print at any substrate using UV curing inks. It will be just the question about adhesion and other attributes expected. Thanks to our long-standing and deep experience in all areas of digital printing  we are able to provide valuable tips for all your application and requirements, whether it is for printing on paper and paper composite boards, plastic boards, plastic composite boards, glass, ceramic or metal. Because of the open ink system installed in Longier printers the best suited inks for your special application can be selected. Most printers with so called closed ink system just allow the use of so called all purpose inks which work well for a lot of standard stuff but when it comes to special requirements and expectations these inks are limited in performance. E.g. there are special UV inks for glass or even special Néstle compliant UV inks for run in the food packaging industry or for fashion available. Many areas of application and unimagined possibilities open up with a few more ideas and open eyes, but also for broadband inks in the signage industry and for trade fair construction and stands. As an example we like to mention the  Flexiwall system, which just opens up new possibilities for signmakers and which we therefore briefly present here:
Flexiwall is a environmental friendly, ecologic and economic system for stands. It`s built by cardboard tubes and paper composite boards.  Installation will be done without any tool or muscles within minutes.
Allowing spans up to 2.5 m the system is ideal for stands at fairs and shows.  Wiring for LED lamps or even the accumulators can be integrated into the tubes.   Looking to the light weight and recycle ability after use, Flexiwall is the new idea for sign maker business. It is ideal for company presentations or exhibition, art exhibitions in galleries, etc.
Flexiwalls can be printed directly. For frequently changing decorations, however, we recommend the use of iron-coated foils, such as Teslaflex, which can be applied to a magnetic film very very fast.
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