Application: Textile
The textile industry is undergoing major changes. This also applies to text printing. Conventional inks are no longer opportune because of the enormous energy and water consumption. Although the Longier textile printers allow to go for all kind of inks, you will find the special advantages when using the newly designed textile pigment inks. These inks require only a simple type of impregnation, which can be applied directly before printing and a subsequent fixing of the pressure at about 160 °C for a few seconds. Compared to traditional inks, the effort and the processing time are drastically reduced, the environment is much less stressed. The use of these inks improves the idea of fashion-on-demand and DTG substantially.
PhotoPrint by SAi offers a special function, which can be used to determine and compensate for the rapport either through the ratio or by the size. If you like to obtain a kind of relief ( 2 1/2-D)  surface structure as a sample, you may use the UV- printer and run the special White layers for making the relief. Worldwide there are different suppliers of designs offering entire packages or individual and single licenses. As examples, we will refer to a small selection of the patterns of Ravidesigns from India and pattern designs from Austria. On request, we can supply design packages from different suppliers together with our printers. Please ask for special offers.
This print has been done with fluorescent inks. Left hand is normal light, right hand with black light.
All samples displayed on this page have been printed using pigmented textile inks. The number of different colors including fluorescent colors offer many new opportunities to creativity of textile designers.  Fluorescent inks or invisible inks which can be seen only when IR or UV light is applied are great for special visual effects but even to place hidden markers on the textile. For sure, if you like to use all the colors available your pinter needs to be equipped with many print heads. Running Longier TB2000 you will be well prepared.
Textildesign has to be repeatable like a wallpaper. Means, designers have to look very careful to their artwork. Once the pattern and the repeat settings have been defined (see samples below), everything else is a children's game using the special functions of the RIPs. In this way, patterns can be printed endlessly side by side, roll to roll.
We are still working on our solution for direct printing on already finished garments (DTG). The solution is already ready and available for sale, but we ask for your understanding that at this moment we would like to offer it to interested parties only. However, since we are able to use both the pigment inks, including the fluorescent inks and potentially expect other, ground-breaking inks, you may have a frequent close look.
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