LONGIER Performer FG1838 / FG2448 / FG2860 / FG3272
*  The effective achievable print speed is related to the printer configuration, means quantity and type of print heads, the expected print quality, print parameters, print data, dithering, quantity of ink layers (density resp. 2 ½ D-printing), media and others.
LONGIER's range of printers is based on a modular system according to which size, material feed and positioning as well as equipment with regard to the type and number of print heads can be combined in relation to the inks and the desired performance. From the outset, the FG series is designed with an ink system for ceramic glass inks, so that the user can concentrate on the other parameters. Here is an overview of the standard sizes. Special sizes and services such as Single pass printer for e.g. QR code on request.
Specifications Flatbed digital Printer for high temperature glass inks Model FG1838 FG2448 FG2860 FG3272 size (mm) 2.200x3.730x1.450 4.950x5.600x1.550 5.350x6.800x1.550 5.750x8.000x1.550 max. print size (mm) 1.800x3.800 2.400x4.800 2.800x6.000 3.200x7.200 weight (kg) 1.200 3.400 4.200 5.000 max. thickness 55 Printheads model KonikaMinolta 1024 number 5 to 16 max. resolution (dpi) 720 x 1.080 min. droplet (pl) 13 Printing Speed (m²/h) Production Mode 50 High Resolution Mode 16 Inks type High Temperature Glass Inks - Glastinten mit Fritten für das Einbrennen nach dem Druck colors CMYK W G P Printable Materials Glass, ceramic tiles, metal (enamel), transfer paper, etc. Software printer control   Windows  based GUI Print Control Center RIP   Caldera GrandRIP others on request Power Requirements El. connection   380 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz El. power   5,5 kW Environment Requirements temperature 18 ~ 20 °C humidity 40 ~ 80 %
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