FP1440 UV LED printer offers print size of 1.2 x 1.2 m, can be equipped with up to 2 rows and 16 KM print heads or 8 Ricoh Gen5 heads. Thanks to water cooled LED curing system - common to all UV printers - ink misting and drop misleading is reduced to minimum, so high quality prints are possible as well as white layers, varnish on top for 2 ½-D printing.
Specifications Machine Name Longier Hunter FP1440 Machine Model UV-Flatbed Printer Print Heads KonicaMinolta KM1024 | KM 1024i | Ricoh Gen5 Quantity Print Heads 4 up to 16 | 2 up to 8 Colors 6 Colors, White, Varnish Ink Container 1 L per Color Resolution up to 1,080 dpi | up to 1,200 dpi Drop Size 14 pl | variable Print Speed Production Mode 33 m²/h * Standard Mode 18 m²/h * High Resolution Mode 9 m²/h  * Max. Print Size 1,200 x 1,200 mm max. Media Thickness 100 mm Registration visual material placement Media fixation Vacuum Plate Curing System Water cooled LED-UV-unit right and left from print heads, controllable in % steps Software/RIP Windows 7 based GUI Print Control Center / Caldera GrandRIP oder SAi PhotoPrint, Environmental Conditions Machine Dimension 2,860 x 1,580 x 1,530 mm Machine Weight net. 750 kg El. Power Requirements 220V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz El. Power Consumption 4 kW Environmental Temperature 20 ~ 25 °C Environmental Humidity 40 ~ 80 % Operating Noise < 72 dB
*  The effective achievable print speed is related to the printer configuration, means quantity and type of print heads, the expected print quality, print parameters, print data, dithering, quantity of ink layers (density resp. 2 ½ D-printing), media and others.
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