The new generation of full-automated paint spraying machine adopts a PLC process control system and is easy to operate and cost effective. There are two ways of spray painting, step-by-step or continuous flow, to meet various customers’ needs. The painting width and material traveling speed are adjustable. The machine is equipped with two automatic spray guns with adjustable paint output for fast and uniform spraying. The machine has an enclosed water curtain shower with a three-stage water filtration system. It is a new generation of environmental protection equipment especially for those countries and areas with strict environmental requirements. A professional centrifugal fan is adopted to attract the air towards the water curtain shower which carries away the paint mist in the air.  This process achieves a remarkable purification effect that allows no paint in air discharged outside and prevents effectively the paint mist from sticking to the back of the glass. The machine is equipped with an automatic cleaning system to replace a traditional paint barrel. With an efficient and energy-saving paint pump it could mix and press the paint automatically to avoid paint waste. The line exit is equipped with 4 automatic drying fans to dry the paint surface during the transmitting process.
Specifications Machine Name Longier Performer GS19xx Machine Model Spraysystem Quantity Spray Heads 2 Colors mix what you want Paintings follow specifications Print Speed 2 spray heads 60 m²/h max. Print Size 1,900 x xx mm max. Media Thickness 2 to 30 mm Environmental Conditions Machine Dimension 4.6 x 2.5 x 2.1 m El. Power Requirements 220 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz El. Power Consumption machine 6 .5 kW baking power 4 kW Environmental treatment power 2 kW painting power 0.5 kW Environmental Temperature 18 ~ 20 °C Environmental Humidity 40 ~ 80 % Operating Noise n.n.
LONGIER Performer GS19xx
Whenever you do not need to print designs and images but solid colors or just coat your prints reliable and in high quality the spray system should be your choice.
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