Longier Hunter FP3750/3900
Longier Hunter FR 3750/3900
Making good stuff even better by integrating leading technologies and components into our printing solutions is the ultimate aim of the Longier team. Regarding print quality and reliability we rely on KonicaMinolta and Ricoh print heads while evaluating always new developments. Requiring significantly less energy and treating the environment much more friendly compared with conventional mercury lamps we have decided for special high quality water cooled units. On right side you see some of our models, however, for e.g. automatic processing we can take any of our TC series using conveyor belt and adapt the UV systems. So, if you need a special size or solution, we may have the answer already, just ask. E.g. we can add palettes for DTG/T-shirt printing using most modern pigmented textile inks including white and fluorescent colors. Since all our printers are controlled by the same platform and even show same components, service and maintenance is really ease to perform.
Longier Hunter FR4650/4900
Longier Hunter FP6000
Longier Hunter FP900
Longier Hunter FP1440
Very intuitive user interface looks same for all printers whether flat bed or roll2roll, glass or textile. All printers are equipped with all safety functionality expected from up to date printers.
Longier Hunter FP6400
Longier Hunter FP4650/4900
Longier Hunter FP6090
Longier Hunter FP2513
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