Longier Hunter FP6000/FP6400 For those who have to print on boards only and need size of 2 x 3 or 2 x 3.2 m Longier Hunter FP6000 or FP6400 are are very economical and performing printers. Handling and head assembling is the same known from all other Hunter series printers.
Longier Hunter FP/FR - 3900 | FR3750 XL Board Extension Kit Whereas FP means flat bed FR stands for flat bed with roll to roll option. Print size is 2.5 x 1.45 m or 2.5 x 1.53 m. Up to 16 KonicaMinolta KM1024 or 1024i or up to 8 Ricoh Gen5 heads can be installed allowing printing of process colors, light colors, white and varnish. Long Board Extension kit allows printing of larger boards by using a special transport belt driven by the roll option devise.
Longier Performer/Racer series -  flat bed - manual loading Based on Longier Runner series, FG and TC series printer are specially designed to run ceramic and ceramic glass inks. Starting at 900 x 1,000 mm (perfectly suited for ceramic transfer printing) we go up to 2.5 x 1.45 or 2 x 3 m depending on the maximum plate size needed. FG/TC series printers print desks are equipped with a kind of silicon surface and powerful hover effect for easy manual loading of glass, metal or ceramic plates. Instead of known UV-lamps at UV printers we use some special hot air dryers right/left of te print heads for ink drying. If you look for automatic processing for small or even large sized boards, FG/TC series with conveyor belt should be selected.
Longier Hunter FR4650 / FR4900 Longier Hunter FR 4650/4900 printers offer a print size of 3.2 x 1.45 / 3.2 x 1.53 m and roll to roll option. Like the other members of the Hunter family, up to 16 KonicaMinolta KM1024 or 1024i or up to 8 Ricoh Gen5 heads can be installed.
Longier Runner TB1800/TB2000 Longier TB1800 is designed to print flexible, stretchable fabrics up to 1.8 m/2.0 m. To avoid stretching the fabric media transport is done by a sticky belt. TB Series is suited for all kind of textile inks whether acid, reactive, dispersion, sublimation or brand new pigment inks including fluorescent inks. 4 print head rows each 4 Ricoh Gen5 heads allow flexibility as well as highest productivity just what you need.
Longier Performer/Racer series including conveyor belt - automatic processing TC1450, TC2000 and TC2800 are equipped with a conveyor belt for automatic loading and further processing to the next station after printing. The tiles (whether glass, metal or ceramic) are automatically moved to the registration position. As said, TC series is made for ceramic inks without frits included. You should ask for FG series printer for ceramic glass and decoration inks containing frits for firing temperatures at 720°C or 850°C
Longier Runner TX3200 Runner TX3200 is our direct to fabric or sublimation printer for non elastic fabrics. Up to 3.2 m wide rolls can be used making it ideal for flags but even for fashion application. Max. 3 print head rows, either Ricoh Gen5 or KonicaMinolta can be used. Even regarding ink TX3200 shows the flexibility you expect from an state of the art printer.
Longier Hunter FP1440 Hunter FP1440 offer a max.print size of 1.2 x 1.2 m making it ideal for proofing applications in packaging or production of smaller signs and give aways. Since the distance between desk and print heads is about 100 mm  it is even possible to run 2 ½-D relief prints using white and varnish. Like it is with all Longier printers, up to 16 KM heads can be installed even we recommend Ricoh Gen5 heads offering variable drop size for this size of printer.  
Longier Hunter RU3200 - RU3200s The RU3200 is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to print banners in high quality. And the RU3200s is the right choice for those who are looking for an economic yet powerful 3,2 m roll printer.
At Longier it is our aim and target offering a complete range of printers for most suited sizes as well as all kind of applications as there are UV-applications, glass, ceramic, enamel, textile and whatever is possible and come next. So you can decide for yourself whether you need a flatbed printer with manual or automatic feeding, whether you need UV inks with LED-curing system or printers with ceramic / inorganic inks and an IR drying system or roll to roll printers for signage or textile applications. Since we use the same platform just changing the parts needed for the used inks or the special application driving and maintaining the printers is quite common. In this way, the printers can be optimally configured for graphic and industrial applications for ceramic printing, printing on glass or various fabrics. Recognized partners for the inks enable the best possible properties for print results with regard to adhesion, color space, abrasion resistance and other requirements.
Glass-, Ceramic - Printers
Textile Printers
Printing on ceramic tiles, glass, metal sheets can be done with UV curing inks, no doubt, but if special requirements are in place, so called inorganic or ceramic inks have to be used. Those inks are available for firing temperatures at 720°C , 850°C and 1,200°C either containing just the ceramic pigments where so called glaze has to be applied in a separate step or containing the frits. Depending on the ink, the ink system inside the printers have to be specially designed. So Longier offers a wide range of printers for manual or automatic feeding whereas FG stands for glass ink system and TC for ceramic ink system without frits included in the ink. However, thanks to the modular approach, FG printers can become TC or FP regarding the needed configuration.
Roll to roll textile printing is going to replace traditional printing methods since it is much more environmental friendly and allows much faster and even better color matching. However, even direct to apparel/garment is of interest. So for the moment we introduce our two dedicated printers while having DTG printers ready but …….. In case you are looking for DTG like a professional high productivity T-Shirt printer, send a mail, we have it.
Longier Performer FG4480/FG9150/FG2560/FG3260 Large and potentially heavy glass boards request an in-line processing. Using our experience from TC ceramic series of printers Longier is able to build even bigger machines using conveyor belt and full automation loading, printing and unloading process. Special glass inks are available in  white, yellow, red, cyan, black, pink and green are standard colors whereas further are available on request. Print size is going from 1.6 x 2.9 m to 3.2 x 6.0 m However, it is crucial to discuss the firing temperatures since inks are different for glass, ceramic, ceramic decoration processes and will vary from 720°C, 850°C to 1,200 °C. 
Consistently, we have used water cooled LED-curing solutions for our UV printers to avoid formation of harmful ozone as well as hazardous UV radiation. All printers can be equipped with two print head rows with max. 8 positions each. KonicaMinolta 1024 and 1024i as well as Ricoh Gen5 can be used. Thanks to the open ink system, different inks can be used, depending on application and expectation for the final product. So we can run multipurpose inks as well as dedicated glass-UV-inks or Nestlé compliant inks for food packaging. The maximum material thickness is 100 mm. Printer control is done by a unique GUI based on Windows. Print file preparation can be done with  Caldera or PhotoPrint from SAi.
Longier Driver RWU3200 Longier Driver RWU3200 is more or less equal to RU3200s but has been modified to meet the needs for printing on wall paper paper with UV-inks. RWU3200 can be equipped with up to 3 print head rows each up to 3 Ricoh Gen5 heads allowing to run white, colors and varnish 3 in one strike. Since the UV lamps are specially controlled for varnish, it can be blur correctly until UV curing starts to ensure a bright and glossy effect. 
Longier Driver RWW3200 Longier Driver RWW3200 is in fact more or less similar to the TX3200 but has been modified to allow the usage of special water based inks for printing on wall paper paper. Right and left of the print heads a hot air drying devise is installed to avoid dot gaining on this type of paper. 2 rolls each 1.6 m in width can be printed side by side simultaneously. 
Wallpaper Printers
Digital Printing even allows to go for individual personalized wall papers. Currently we offer two different machines whereas others are under development. Longier is prepared to design special printers for special needs and application. Maybe we already have designed the printer you look for as we did it for 2 ½-D relief wall paper with special white and varnish functionality.
Longier Hunter FP2513 Longier Hunter FP2513 is a more economical version of our FP3750, offering max. print size of 2.5 x 1.3 m offering 3 Ricoh Gen5 heads for standard. Up to 6 heads can be installed so that even white and varnish printing will be possible. Currently we do not have a photo yet.
Longier Hunter FP6090 The FP6090 is a desktop printer with a print area of 60 x 90 cm. It is available either for water-based inks (paper or textile) or UV inks. Optimized for efficiency, it features two printhead rows for up to a total of 8 Ricoh GH2220 print heads. It is ideal for proofing tasks, small to medium productions of e.g. small signs, doors, or the new Paprfloor plates or also for the t- shirt printing with the water-based pigment textile inks.
Longier Performer FG6090 Like the FP6090, the Performer FG6090 offers a maximum print area of 60 x 90 cm. Apart from the printheads used and the ink system, it is otherwise identical. Thanks to the other printheads, Ricoh Gen5 or KonicaMinolta KM1024, ceramic glass inks can be processed with the FG6090. It is thus ideally suited for the production of mosaic parts for lead glazing, but also for the production of enamel signs, the decoration of already pre-baked tiles but also of so- called decals for the decoration of plates, cups, etc.
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