Whenever glass is going to be used outdoor or for architectural applications there are special requirements for glass and the applied prints.  In general if tempered glass is requested, it does mean that the printed glass has to be tempered at about 720°C.  Standard UV inks, perfectly suited for indoor application or even outdoor with reduced expectations, used at Longier Hunter series would simply burn. Not so ceramic inks. However, these inks need special handling inside and outside the ink system. Ink system known from UV printers would be destroyed soonest. In addition to the very special color pigments the glass pigments, so called glaze or frits, even known as enamel if used for metal sheets have to be included in the ink. Alternatively the glass can be pretreated with glaze. In this case TC series printers can be used. Longier offers a wide range of different sizes as well as printers with flat beds and conveyor belt for automatic transport. A spray system is available with the GS series for applications where a solid color must be applied to the entire plate.
Longier Performer FG3750
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