Longier Racer TC
For decades printing ceramic tiles has been reserved for screen printing only. Since the print head technologies have improved and print heads are more robust and ceramic inks for different firing temperatures like 1,200 °C, 720 °C and 850°C are available and the combination also allows installation of printers into an automatic workflow, screen printers are more and more replaced by digital printers. Since high speed production market is very small, Longier has focused on printers for sample or short runs production. This category allows installation in new environments like do it yourself shops, tile shops, etc. Ceramic printers are not just meant for ceramic tiles but even glass plates and metal sheets are perfect, however, those need to be coated with glaze first. TC series has been designed to run with native ceramic inks without frits included. If you look for a solution for just decor printing where frits should be contained in the ink, you should switch to FG printers. However, we can configure even TC printers so they work fine with this very special ink type.
Longier Racer TC2000
Longier Racer TC2850
Longier Racer TC1450
Longier Racer TC3750
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