LONGIER Runner SP-80
*  The effective achievable print speed is related to the printer configuration, means quantity and type of print heads, the expected print quality, print parameters, print data, dithering, quantity of ink layers (density resp. 2 ½ D-printing), media and others.
Specificationen Machine Name Longier Runner SP-80 Machine Typ Helical for printing all kind of socks, sleeves, tubes, etc. Print heads Ricoh Gen5i Number of Printheads 2 Colors CMYK inks Pigmented Textile Inks, Acid, Reactive, Dispersion inks related to the kid of fabric Ink Volume 1 l per color max. Resolution up to 720 x 1.440 dpi Min. Drop Size 3,5 pl, variabel Max. Printspeed 12 bis 18 Sek. / Sock Max. Printwidth 800 m Max. Diameter 300 mm Software Windows based GUI Print Control Center / RIIN RIP Software Environmental Conditions Machine Size 2.150 x 620 x 1.170 mm net. Weight 300 kg El. Power Requirements 220 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz El. Consumption 2,5 kw Enviromental Temperature 18 ~20 °C Enwironmental Humidity 40 - 80 % Scope of Delivery The scope of delivery depends on local system integrator and distributor. The system can be delivered for out of the box use.
The new LONGIER Runner RP helical printer offers unique possibilities for printing on cylindric objects as well as all objects that can be clamped on the drum. Printing stockings and socks is reduced from a few minutes to a few seconds. Tattoo sleeves, for example, can also be produced quickly. Take a look for yourself
The video shows the printing of socks pulled on the spindle. Incl. the "loading time" and the removal of the stocking, the entire process only takes 30 seconds. Thus, a good 60 pairs per hour can be provided with an individual design. We would like to thank Heike Kobusch (www.kobusch-design.de) for providing the file that we use in this video
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