LONGIER Driver RWW3200
Specifications Machine Name Longier Driver RWW3200 Machine Model Wall paper printer for water based inks Print Heads Ricoh Gen5 Quantity Print Head rows up to 3 rows Quantity Print Heads up to 3 per row (6 colors) Colors up to 6 colors - process related max. Resolution 1,200 dpi Drop Size variable Print Speed up to 150 m²/h at 600 x 600 dpi, 100 m²/h at 300 x 900 dpi Max. Print Width 3,200 mm max. Roll Weight kg/m² max. Roll Diameter Software Windows 7 based GUI Print Control Center / PhotoPrint / Caldera GrandRIP Environmental Conditions Machine Dimension 7,785 x 1,330 x 1,250 mm Machine Weight net. 1,540 kg El. Power Requirements 380 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz El. Power Consumption 9 kw Environmental Temperature 20 - 25 °C Environmental Humidity 40 - 80 % Operating Noise  < 72 dB
Longier Driver RWW3200 is based on the well known and excepted TX3200 but has been redesigned for the needs of water based ink for wall paper printing.  Thanks to possible 3 print head rows RWW3200 offers optimized print speeds and productivity even 2 rolls each 1.6 m max can be printed side by side in one strike. 
*  The effective achievable print speed is related to the printer configuration, means quantity and type of print heads, the expected print quality, print parameters, print data, dithering, quantity of ink layers (density resp. 2 ½ D-printing), media and others.
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