SUPPORT is more than just repair service!
In first instance Longier is a development and production company that develops and implements concepts for digital printing on the basis of many years of experience and perfect international network. We do not primarily serve the market, means the end user directly, but work closely with local system houses and distributors who provide customer service, warranty and other services such as user training, color management, etc. However, we are of course prepared for special projects and for cases when end users would like to work directly with the manufacturer and the development team for whatever reason. Not all tasks have to be done purely by developing mechanical solutions. In many cases it is about selecting the right components, the interplay of these and, above all, the inks. Thanks to the long experience and the global network, we can respond more quickly and more specifically to the needs of our customers than a mass producer could do. We are looking for the optimum solution for your tasks from the multitude of different components at various quality levels and the virtually unimaginable amount of offers for inks, whether UV, water, solvents, pigment, ceramic or other inks. Our office in Germany acts as a communication partner between our customers and partners as well as the plant and the development team. In order to offer our customers and partners optimal price / performance, all commercial processes are handled directly with the entity. And in cases where we do not have the answer, at least we know people in our network who will. So even complicate questions will be answered, just ask us!
Longier Digital Technologies