Even thanks to the new possibilities of large format printer and new material the demand for individually printed, designed and personalized wallpaper is growing steadily. Depending on the wallpaper you will use and the effects you expect, Longier offers two different printers, each 3.2 m in width offering even the possibility to run multiple rolls side by side for simultanious printing. These two printers are based on the current available models for textile and UV but have been designed for the special needs. The RWW3200 is based on the TX3200. It is designed for water-based inks. Dryers are included. The RWU3200 is based on the RU3200 and is equipped with UV-LED lamps. The UV-lamps can be controlled so that the varnish will settle well (blur) before the "UV-curing" begins. By printing white first in requested thickness, then apply color and varnish amazing reliefs and 2 ½-D effects are feasible. Both printers can be equipped with up to 3 rows of 3 Ricoh Gen5 print heads each for best flexibility or speed.  
Longier Driver RWW3200
Longier Driver RWU3200
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