Textile printing has done a big, a very big step in the last months even due to new inks. Seems there is almost no liminitation regarding colors and sustainable production consuming much less water and energy than traditional textile printing. Longier TB2000 can be equipped matching the needs for smaller production and design companies but can be upgraded to real production printer for high thruput. If running with most modern pigmented textile inks - which are also available in fluorescent colors - dryer and fixation units can be added. You can see in the video. For more details visit the details.
Since LONGIER welcomes GM Consultancy for world wide partnership for the glass industry, we have streamlined and expanded the printer range to: 1800 x 3800 mm 2400 x 4800 mm 2800 x 6000 mm 3200 x 7200 mm These printers can either be used with special UV inks or high temperature inks even certified for the automotive industry. See details here  In case you are looking for solid color coating for glass or any other kind of material panels, Longier GS19xx will be the perfect solution for you.
You wonder what you see here? yes, it is a sock printer reducing the time between design and ready to go sock to a minimum of time. However, this printer can be used for many more applications. Imagine you put a tube over the core or a can, or ……. Just let us know you ideas so we can upgrade the Longier Sock Printer to a production printer meeting your needs. See more video and details here